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Bill Tiberio is again collaborating with Paradigm Shift on his newest release on the Trier Records label.

On Promise Street, the group goes deeper into the funky progressive jazz world.

With challenging riffs, funky grooves, extended improvisations, and inspired arrangements,

this recording almost seems to say, with playful funkiness, “dig this”.

 It’ Tis What It Is  mp3   Real Audio
 Groovin’ With G  mp3   Real Audio
 Promise Street  mp3   Real Audio
 Tootsie’s Samba  mp3   Real Audio
 Squirmin’ Herman  mp3   Real Audio
 In My Life  mp3   Real Audio
 Cantaloupe Island  mp3   Real Audio
 Lisa  mp3   Real Audio
 Mo’ Better Blues  mp3   Real Audio
 J. S. Groove  mp3   Real Audio
 Why Don’t You Ask?  mp3   Real Audio